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7 Reasons Why You Need an SEO Audit

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The search engine optimization audit is one of the most important steps you can take to improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). The audit helps you find issues with your website’s optimization, and it gives search engine algorithm managers a better idea of what search engine ranking factors they should consider.

It’s an essential step for website owners that want to rank higher in search results. Without an audit, search engine optimization professionals are unable to provide the best results for their clients’ websites. In this blog, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about SEO audits and why they’re important for every business. We’ll also tell you why having one done on your website may be beneficial in the future.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a technical analysis of your website’s on-page and off-page efforts to identify areas for improvement. It can cover any aspects of the website, including content, user experience, on-page optimization, technical elements such as keyword visibility and ranking, and ranking factors.

A technical audit focuses on on-page efforts like image optimization and performance metrics like site speed and security. A regular audit helps to uncover minor issues before they become major problems.

An audit can help to improve a website’s search position and traffic. It can also help to identify broken links or other issues that could negatively affect a site’s ranking on search engines. An audit is an integral part of any website’s marketing strategy and should be done at least once a year to keep it on top of the search engine algorithm.

7 reasons why your website needs an SEO audit:

Identify Technical Issues

An SEO audit is an essential step in the optimization of any website. It can help identify technical issues such as broken links, internal links, duplicated content, and keyword stuffing. An audit can also uncover issues with your website’s on-page optimization, such as keyword over-optimization or keyword repetition.

Such issues can negatively affect search engine ranking results. Additionally, an audit can identify deficiencies in off-site optimization, such as social media profiles and keyword research tools. All these factors can lead to lower search engine ranking results and reduced user engagement.

An audit can help your website achieve better results and reach its full potential. In addition, an audit can boost your rankings on search engine results pages (SEO) and improve conversion rates. So if you want to improve the online visibility of your business, consider hiring an SEO audit professional to help you optimize your website for success.

Improve Site Crawlability

An SEO audit is a critical step in improving the SEO of a website. It involves conducting a thorough keyword research, analyzing the back-links and content of the website, and identifying any issues that could be holding it back from achieving higher search results.

Continual optimization and improvements are essential for any website aiming to achieve higher search results. A thorough SEO analysis can help identify website’s performance, website speed or poor crawlability. Running such an audit on a site can help improve its search engine optimization and ultimately its search results.

The SEO audit should also include comparing two competitors’ websites with the Site Comparison tool to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This can help businesses tailor their marketing strategy accordingly. Human users and search engines will find your website more easy to navigate if you have a well-optimized site architecture.

Check for Broken Links

An audit is an essential part of a website’s optimization strategy. A thorough audit can help identify broken links, search engine ranking issues, keyword optimization mistakes, and other issues that may hinder the user experience.

It is also vital to check for broken links on the page to ensure search engine ranking and user experience. A technical SEO audit involves on-page efforts, such as improving site speed and performance and penalizing duplicate content.

Regular website audits are recommended to monitor keyword rankings, analytics, and broken links over time. An SEO audit will look at on-page optimization to check for any broken links or display warnings about pr oblem pages.

Tip: Use Google Search Console to audit your website’s performance and usability on desktop and mobile devices.

Monitor Competitors

A thorough audit can help you identify opportunities for link building and improve your website’s performance. A good audit also allows you to compare your page against competitors and draw insights about how to optimize your content best.

A top competitors analysis is a vital step in the website seo process. The main objectives of such an audit are to:

  • Understand your competitor’s content strategy, seo strategy and tactics
  • Determine what content, on which pages and in what order is effective for search engine optimization
  • Identify search engine optimization opportunities that would be untapped if you had the same budget as your competitors

Monitoring competitors’ keyword rankings can help you identify where you rank in comparison. Additionally, observing the content being shared by your competitors can provide valuable insight into what types of content is performing well on social media.

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is an important part of any SEO audit. It includes performance metrics such as site speed and security. It also includes page-level technical issues, such as indexing issues, that can impact search engine optimization. A good SEO audit will identify mobile optimization issues and provide solutions to improve performance on mobile devices.

In addition to technical issues, an SEO audit will also look for relevant content and links that can help improve search engine results for a mobile-friendly website. Strategic content development and obtainment of reputable links are essential for mobile optimization.

Ahrefs’s Site Audit tool can help identify technical issues at the page level that impact mobile performance.

Enhance User Experience

An SEO audit is critical to ensuring that your website’s search engine optimization strategy is working as intended. Conducting an audit can help you identify any optimization issues and ensure that your website consistently performs well in search engine results.

It’s important to improve user experience to increase search engine rankings and user satisfaction. Additionally, conducting an audit can help you establish clear headings and clickable links to make navigation easier. By improving user experience, you can increase search engine ranking and user satisfaction. A thorough SEO audit can also help you improve the quality of content on your website and create different sections for different types of content.

This will make it easier for users to find relevant information. Additionally, conducting a monthly audit helps you maintain website health and avoid stagnation or regression in search engine rankings.

Improper website architecture

An audit on a website’s architecture is essential for optimization. It can identify opportunities to fix, eliminate, or reorganize code that may be adversely affecting the website’s performance.

An audit can also identify algorithm updates that may require site-specific changes in order to optimize performance. This is especially true for websites with complex search engine optimization (SEO) requirements. For example, an audit may show that search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms are designed to work best on flat-structured websites, but your website has multiple levels of page hierarchy or contains a lot of javascript and CSS code.

In these cases, an audit may show ways to improve search engine optimization (SEO) performance on your website by restructuring its page hierarchy or optimizing the way content is coded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs an SEO audit?

Businesses who want to increase their website ranking and improve their conversion rates should definitely invest in an SEO audit. By doing so, they can identify content gaps, technical SEO issues that reduce traffic, where competitors are outranking you, and ways to improve UX on their website.

The average user spends 54 seconds on a website and makes assumptions about a business even faster than that. So, by improving the ranking of your website on search engines, you’re increasing your chances of converting more customers.

Are SEO audits worth it?

Yes, SEO audits are definitely worth it! A search engine audit can uncover potential opportunities to improve website performance by identifying optimization opportunities (such as on-page or off-page issues), assessing website health, and recommending fixes/improvements.

What are some potential risks associated with not having an SEO audit performed on my website?

There are a few potential risks associated with not having an SEO audit performed on your website. Some of these risks include:

  • Poor rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), which can lead to loss in website traffic and revenue.
  • Broken links and HTTPS not secure warnings, which can damage your website’s ranking and make it difficult for visitors to find you.
  • Low site content optimization, which can cause your website to be outperformed by competitors.
  • Failure to rank for long-tail keywords, which can significantlyimpact your website’s overall visibility and earning potential.


An SEO audit is a great way to improve organic search visibility and website performance. With an SEO audit, you can identify untapped keywords, optimize content for search, increase website traffic, set realistic goals, track progress, and determine the return on investment (ROI) for your SEO efforts. Get your free SEO audit today to improve your website and maximize your organic search visibility.


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