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7 Reasons to have an effective Digital Marketing Strategy for your startup

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You are losing The Marketing game if Digital Marketing is not on your Priority List

The world is evolving at a faster pace and the competition has started getting fierce. All the more reason, for business owners to get into the content marketing space and reap its benefits.

But availing of the fruits of social media platforms is not easy. You need the assistance of SEO tools and strategies to attain business goals. But first and foremost, what does social media marketing bring to the table?

Only 30% of brands utilize personalized emails, although they have a 6x higher transaction rate, according to Experian Marketing. 

Going from the above statistics, it is a formidable accomplice if it gets used for social media marketing.

Staying relevant is the age-old motto in any competitive marketplace. But being relevant boils down to the capability in integrating strategies that take technology to the next level.

A digital marketing channel may produce some very good outcomes for a small fraction of the cost of traditional advertising with little time and work. Let’s begin discussing 7 strategies right away.

1) Engage, Engage, and Engage!

This is one of the digital marketing tactics and the most important one. It just has only one requirement. Also, gets you more organic traffic on board.

The requirement is simple: Engagement with customers and hit the target market.

Digital marketers use this digital marketing tactic efficiently. They expand the reader base and SEO strategy by personalizing the emails. Adding the name of the recipient and customizing the contents of the mail according to the recipient is one of the common techniques.

According to Econsultancy, it surely gets attention. 74% of marketers confirm that personalization manifolds customer engagement and positive ROI. 

A common technique for gaining revenue. One of the reasons why fancy fails simple scales.

Adding cherry to the cake, the customers brought in by social channels turn into loyal customers as well as brand ambassadors. it can be said that it is one form of influencer marketing. They market and advertise your product.

Thus giving the business the exposure it needs.

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2) It’s always how You Connect with Your Audience.

By getting ideal customers you have developed trust. But now, you have to strengthen the trust. Okay!! Getting the gist, but how can you achieve it with digital marketing efforts?

Take the example of new-age startups like Rapido. In recent times, it has grown its customer base. They have achieved this by employing three rules:

  • Target the audience who will avail of the service. Employ solid digital marketing campaigns
  • Give discounts and make the service part of the user’s daily life. Initiate a digital marketing initiative. 
  • Implemented user feedback on how to better the service.

The above two rules are self-explanatory, but the third one is a real game changer. By using the feedback model, you are showcasing that you value customer’s input and thus applying a content marketing strategy

When you can make common attempts to improve your online marketing strategy, it enables you to extend your perspective and gain potential leads over time.

3) Strategies Help in Gauging the success of marketing implementations

If the success of marketing campaigns you can measure, there is a higher chance of getting it correct.

For every 1$ spent, it gives you 44$. These statistics are enough to study analytics and target the audience and give them better customer service in the correct manner.

Let’s understand how reading the analytics can help us.

In traditional marketing, you have bought the spaces for advertisements. But you can never tell how many people have seen your ad and how many target customers you reached. 

You can only do so much with traditional marketing.

But, digital marketing gives real-time metrics with conversion rates. If it can display the success of any campaign, it also showcases when the marketing plan has gone wrong. In that case, you can effectively change your search engine marketing strategy.

Additionally, you can target your campaigns towards particular demographic and locations. Invest the money diligently on various types of marketing and never go overboard with the amount.

4) You will be directionless without an effective marketing strategy

I have mentioned this quote umpteenth times. But here we go again,

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Without an effective digital marketing plan, you are just wasting resources. With a strategy in place, higher sales might be seen when you market your goods via digital marketing like Google Adwords. The return on investment is larger because there are more clients.

A digital marketing strategy increases your reach. With a robust strategy like blog posts, social media posts, etc. you can manage global customers. Additionally, having the quick step of digital marketing will help you rank better.

For example, ranking in search queries gives online visibility to your brand. Along with that, there is an advantage to having social media handles and availing the service of the social media manager. 

You can reach millions of people by introducing yourself and your products & services by establishing a website or a reliable social media account. It has to be equipped with promotional content, email campaigns, and social media ads in place.

5) Stay ahead of the game

Let’s assume another startup is offering the same type of product as yours. In that case, it can be tricky to make your product stand out.

Also, how can you convince your potential clients that these qualities set you apart from the competition?

Again, one answer.  By having an online presence and influencing consumers. Good business practices can be highlighted through the video marketing content on the website. 

Regular interaction with potential customers builds up trust. Add customer reviews, you are sure to reach your business goals. 

Because you’re online, your clients can:

  • Locate you quickly
  • Give you criticism.
  • Simple to recommend
  • Differentiate you from other businesses
  • 24/7 access to product or service detail

Social media awareness, SEO, and brand awareness via a firm logo, content, photos, testimonials, and more are all components of a digital marketing strategy. Together, these components help you stand out from the competition, win over your audience’s trust, and provide you with valuable leads.

In these matters, 365 Digital agency will be very liable and helpful for you. It will not only help in putting SEO into place but also bring in the audience. With the help of our social media managers, techniques on client testimonials, and overall successful strategies potential customers will make an informed decision. 

6) It Creates local brand awareness

Having a digital marketing strategy also helps you become well-known on the popular platform. Here, your social media goal is to establish your business as the authority in the local market you have chosen. This can happen by employing google ads. 

Also, a lot of startups fail in their first years. The major reason behind that would be casting the net, far too wide in terms of B2C brands. Being specific with the target area you can mint the money in every possible way.  Thus creating local awareness.

Focus on a certain region would be one strategy. In many cases, this is more fruitful than merely marketing to a broad audience. One explanation is that many customers look for suppliers online in their suburbs or cities. If they do, it makes the product or services simple to access.

7) Build Long-Lasting Customer Relationships

More people start to notice and discuss your online business as it reaches its business objectives. The Rule of Seven states that “if people encounter a brand seven times, they start identifying the brand.” You may take your business profile to a worldwide stage and increase consumer awareness and audience segmentation by using a strong business strategy.

This makes your reputation grow organically and attract the right type of customers, hence the business growth. Also, user-generated content for the target audience can help in entanglement with the product.

Making necessary updates after reviewing consumer feedback on your website content is essential for keeping your clients happy. 

With digital marketing, you can accomplish that and much more. You can draw in your target audience and promote consistent online interaction by using tailored social media advertising efforts.

These digital marketing strategies will keep you on your toes. But after seeing the massive results and online traffic, it would be worth it in the end.

Though there are more strategies, we are stopping at 7. We believe in less is more. But that doesn’t mean, we are ending the discussion altogether.

Here’s a list of FAQs, which will broaden your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does digital marketing differ from B2B and B2C marketing?

B2C companies sell their goods and services directly to customers. A B2B company, on the other hand, serves the needs of other businesses. Because of this, B2-B marketing techniques are distinct from B2C marketing methods.

2) How important is digital marketing today?

The importance of digital marketing cannot be said enough in the marketing landscape. Unlike traditional marketing, it focuses on

  • Niche markets with a global reach
  • and generates substantial profits with minimal expenditure.
  • conversion-led and simple to observe.
  • makes it simple to contain the damage.

3) How will digital channels grow?

By implementing these strategies-

  • Map the customer journey.
  • Have a clear proposition.
  • Use the appropriate data intelligently.
  • Keep an eye on the competition and trends.
  • Stop Thinking That One Size Fits All.

4) Why do start-ups need digital marketing?

Digital marketing grows your business at an exponential rate. With all the tools like email marketing, social media marketing, online brochures, and campaigns, you can achieve your growth in no time.

But, if you are confused with the strategies and you need an initial push in the digital marketing arena, then contact us. 365 Digital gives you all the attention and expertise, which your business wants.

5) What are the challenges of digital marketing?

The following can be the challenges in respective digital marketing-

  • customer-centric market.
  • Creating engaging content.
  • Complying with privacy and data-sharing regulations.
  • Mobile-friendly approach.
  • Omnichannel marketing strategies

Wrapping Up

Once you’ve finished with them, have faith that your company won’t encounter any obstacles to growth. The most essential, non-negotiable instrument you can use to increase your company’s revenue is digital marketing.


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