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9 Ways How Digital Marketing is playing with Consumer Minds

How Digital Marketing affects Consumer Behaviour
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Digitization has pushed business houses to up their game in marketing. As no business owners are confined to the local areas. Every business has a global presence and social networks.

 So, the world is your marketplace. Hustle harder!!

But in times of hustling, you will need a journal of marketing research to market products on social media platforms. This brings revenue through consumer research. Also, you will need clear steps to improve your game in this social media game.

Let’s know how social media marketers give their share of potential customers and increase your sales.

Since we have outlined the boring and gory details of digital marketing.

Let’s jump onto some interesting facts about digital marketing.

  • 51% of loyal customers and active users have used a smartphone to accomplish an online transaction.
  • During the 2017 holiday season, consumers spent 108 percent more money on mobile apps than they did on mobile websites.
  • 90% of those who remembered reading positive reviews said that they were influenced by favorable ratings while making purchases.
  • According to Wolfgang, 43% of eCommerce traffic comes from organic Google searches.

So it can be said, digital marketing is affecting consumer preference. We have listed 9 ways how digital marketing is influencing. Let’s get on with it!!

Digital Marketing offers Curated Wishlist

Research shows that most of the sales of social media users come from online forums. Why is this trend in progress?

A lot of times social media users don’t want to search for the products. Heck!! I don’t even want to scroll the item. So, what to do?

Businesses have noticed that many consumers trust rapid results. Rather than spending a lot of time studying new items. To give active users a customized purchasing experience, brands have built and altered their digital content.

This has a significant impact on consumer spending. Thus, Digital marketers have given the option of a curated list to social media users.

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Shoppers have less time to suffer fools

According to KPMG, 65% of consumers look up price comparisons on mobile while in a physical store.

Active users increasingly demand prompt resolutions to their questions and complaints. The journal of marketing makes this possible. Social media makes it simple to submit customer comments and questions to a big audience. 

The opinions of consumers on mobile apps are highly influenced by both favorable and negative reviews.

 If there is a positive review, they get attracted to buying the product. But if it has trashy reviews, the product, and the brand never join the Wishlist of consumers. Therefore, it is important to map out the customer journey and optimize the website accordingly. 

 So, business owners are advised to bring on their A-games. When making their business open online gates. At the same point strive for customer retention. 

Online research is a must for shoppers

There was a time when going to order a dish in the restaurant would always follow the same rule:

Order what you ordered last time. Not anymore.

Consumers once resisted trying novel goods and services. Owing to digital marketing and a wide array of customer preferences it extends to the masses. Now people are welcoming new products and services and want customer satisfaction. 

People research, compare, and believe in consumer trust and then only arrive at a decision. They also have an urge to look in a new avatar, have different food, and have different experiences.

One of the reasons why, MakeMyTrip, Ola, Uber, and Zomato are having a boom is sales are concerned.

Consumer Buying behavior

With the help of digital marketing, social media marketers promote their goods at precise moments and locations. This is where customers are most likely to make an impulse or spontaneous buy. Brands utilize strategies like online offers, deals, and discounts to persuade customers to buy a product right away. 

They place their bets on consumer buying behavior to bring in revenues. 

How many times as consumers have, we bought that particular item on Myntra?

And we have the same item in different colors lying at the back of the closet. One of the reasons we give to ourselves is:

Ooh!! The colors are so nice. Yes, it is!! But right now, you have just been lured in yet another bad or unnecessary deal.

Although exceedingly improbable in an offline situation, social media marketers might leverage this to entice customers.

Inconsistent Customer Loyalty

Digital marketing has also made it exceedingly challenging for customers to support a specific brand. Before the digital marketing revolution, customers always had a favorite brand. What’s more, they stick to customer preference. 

This was because, unlike today, people were not exposed to a wide variety of goods and services. Customers these days are looking for goods that offer them more value for the same price.

Not only that, but they also consider things like customer experience, brand value, discounts, and more. Customers now have options as more firms launch improved features and incentives. They believe in accentuating the customer journey.

Increased Customer Engagement

There sure is a rise in social media, thanks to the penetration of mobile internet aka Jio networks. People love to be, brag, find love or crack business deals on social media.

Social networking sites are accessible these days as the internet is not very costly. As a result, consumers are actively interacting with their brands on social media platforms and online discussion boards. Consumer research is quite accessible nowadays. 

But coming to the topic,

Customers always could choose their brands and shape their reputations. But social media marketers have only increased this power.

On social media, search engines, and other review websites, consumers can interact with brands. Now they may communicate their opinions to their brands instantaneously. 

Rapid feedback responses from the brands will ultimately result in more engagement and increased sales.

Therefore, brands are now ensuring there is consumer well-being as that will help in customer retention. With social network analysis, they are carrying out the journal of marketing. 

Integration of IoT, Big Data, Augmented Reality and Technology

You cannot ignore IoT at this time. Things are becoming more connected, whether it is through Alexa, various wearable technology, or the cloud. Big data and IoT will be able to provide customers with more individualized services with a deeper understanding. 

If only further advancements are made in marketing science areas.

Several companies have now advanced their use of augmented and mixed reality. The best examples include IKEA. 

These marketing sciences have also been shown to positively affect users’ intentions to make purchases. A study demonstrates the precise ways in which the adoption of AR has positively altered the scenario. It has greatly impacted consumer shopping in the social media landscape. 

Social media for Brand Relationships

Since social media became a crucial component of the digital marketing process. It has fundamentally changed how businesses attract clients and influence their purchasing decisions. 

Social media gives all businesses the chance to build relationships with their potential clients through honest and reliable marketing.

A more organic marketing experience is now possible because many firms communicate with their customer base through 

  • Influencers, 
  • Social media shares, an
  • Viral trends.

The power of Word of Mouth 

If an Xyz Influencer is marketing the product, then it should be good. Everyone wants social proof.  

In current times, this has been a very lucrative scenario for many influencers and digital marketing statistics companies. Companies ride on influencers’ brand value and market their product through them.

Consumers now rely on their decisions on what their role models support or what others suggest. Customers can develop trust in brands through reading customer positive reviews, engaging in influencer marketing, reading writing reviews, and leaving comments.

Customers are more inclined to trust a brand and make more purchases if there is positive digital word of mouth about it.

Phew!! Those are a lot of reasons why digital marketing is useful and influential in the marketing world. But we are sure you will have questions of your own on this subject.

Let’s address them. Shall we??

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Consumer Behaviour?

Consumer behavior primarily refers to the buying habits and decision-making processes of consumers. These are individuals that are searching for goods and services for their use.

2) How Does Digital Marketing Influence Consumers?

The opinions of consumers are highly influenced by both favorable and negative reviews. Therefore, digital marketing empowers customers. It provides them with individualized experiences, and aids firms in developing better, more open relationships with them. 

Thus, a significant portion of customer purchases is motivated by digital marketing.

3) What role does AI have in consumer behavior?

Retailers require strategies and equipment that will personalize customer encounters and boost brand loyalty. By predicting how consumer behavior may affect current company models. AI can help modify marketing strategies and offer customized customer experiences.

4) I am ready to try digital marketing. How can I do it?

Digital marketing is low-hanging fruit but is a tedious job when done by an individual. Though fairly easy to understand, difficult to work on in the business. Also, extremely difficult for an inexperienced person.

365 Digital has the solution for you. Leave the responsibility of digital marketing on our shoulders and we will bring customers for your product.

How does customer loyalty influence digital marketing?

Digital marketing has positive and negative influences. By beta standards, if there is a rise in coefficient, which translates to customer satisfaction. Then high chances are customer loyalty toward the product will increase.


Therefore, digital marketing empowers customers and provides them with personalized experiences. This aids brands in developing stronger, more open relationships with them. Thus, a significant portion of consumer purchases is motivated by digital marketing.

Also, with the emergence of technology, customers are getting more opportunities and opinions. Also, with incessant demand, business houses are manipulating purchasing habits of potential customers. So, it would be quite interesting to see how things will pan out in the future.


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